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Wix websites

designed from scratch.

We build websites specific to your business, all our websites are built from scratch and to your requirements so they reflect your true business identity.

Creative web and logo design - WA

Web design, 

All of our websites start their journey by truly understanding our clients brand and identity. We strive to build websites that cater exactly to our clients needs.

Our primary goal is to get fantastic, highly affordable websites up and running.


Whether you're a small business owner, a corporate company or an individual looking for a personal website, we can help. 


Web & Logo Design



Social & Ads

At WIXR Designs our primary goal is to get fantastic and highly affordable websites up and running. Whether you're a small business owner, a corporate company or an individual looking for a personal website, we can help. 

The main reason we offer cheaper websites is because we use the WIX platform to design your site from scratch, whether you want a brand new site or to refresh an existing one. This approach cuts out the need for various buggy plugins and frustrating back end issues that can hold up processes. What’s more, by using this platform we can almost completely avoid the need for coding.

Using the WIX platform, we can transfer 100% of site ownership to you upon completion of your website. This means you can make simple edits whenever needed instead of employing a web designer, so you’ll have no maintenance fees to keep the site up to date. 

Don't worry if you’re not comfortable making edits or just don't have the time - we are always here to help.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and we'll get the ball rolling on your new website experience.

The design process










Website packages.

Basic Business Website

1-3 Pages

Basic SEO

Feedback link provided

2 Week Delivery

From $1250

Advanced Business Website

5-8 Pages
Basic SEO 
Feedback link provided

5 Week Delivery

From $2550

Migrate Website

1-3 Pages
Basic SEO 
Feedback link provided

5 Week Delivery

From $850

Our website pricing above is an approximate cost. We operate on an hourly rate, so please contact us with your requirements and we will give you a personalised quotation. We also specialise in logo design for your business or website needs.

Our website price includes mobile website optimisation! No need to pay extra elsewhere.

Upon completion and transfer of your new website, we are happy to arrange a time to show you the basics so you can make future edits yourself without the need to outsource this job. This approach will save you big dollars in the long run. If this is something you are interested in please let us know.


Need more of a boost?

Add a social media marketing and advertising strategy package to your new website.

Facebook & Instagram Presence

Social media page setup.

Socials linked to website.

1 Week Delivery

From $350

Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign

Campaign setup and management.

Targeted to ad demographics.

Business manager setup.

1 Week Delivery

From $850

Google Ads


Setup account

Indexing & Google business verification.

Run & manage


1 Week Delivery

From $850

Google Business Verification

Google business verification

Allow clients to see you and all your details in google maps search results.

3 Week Delivery

From $550

Blog Integration onto WIX Website

Initial post publishing.

Great for increasing your websites SEO rank.

1 Week Delivery

From $180

Email Marketing Setup for WIX Website

WIX email capture form setup.

WIX email campaign or automations.

1 Week Delivery

From $850

Having a strong social media presence and search results dominance in the digital marketplace adds huge credibility to your website. It allows potential customers to see your engagement within the industry and creates a place for people to leave comments and interact. It's also a great way for existing customers to see new posts they can like or share among friends and family or even to their own business page. 

The possibilities are endless when you harness the power of social media marketing. 

Using Facebook Business Manager (including Facebook and Instagram ads) we can get your message directly to your target audience. Unlike traditional advertising practices, having the ability to place a service or product right where it needs to be can deliver outstanding results and exposure for your business.

We can also harness the power of Google Ads to boost your site’s visibility and further advance your audience engagement, market position and financial returns.

Integrating a blog into your website is a great way to boost SEO and allow for google/search engines to pick out certain key words. This is a great way to get found in more ways on google.

Verifying your website on your business google account is another great source of website/ walk in customers, after your account is verified your business will show up on google maps search results. From here people have easy access to your website, address and contact details putting you above the competition.

Social & Ads



I'm Rhys, I founded WIXR Designs with the intention of bringing business owners websites that look great, are easy to use and understand, and most importantly… are affordable. 

I noticed there was an opportunity in offering frustrated business owners a simple solution, while empowering them to take control of their websites and giving them the confidence to make edits or adjustments themselves. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Internet Communications and experience in web design, graphic design and marketing/advertising, I am in a great place to offer this service.

I take great pride in every website I work on and aim to deeply understand every client’s needs and business so I can provide the best website and experience possible. 

I look forward to working with you! 

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Why WIX?

WIX is a world leading website development platform used by over 150 million people worldwide.

WIX is a intuitive and responsive website designer, allowing users to create websites without the need for coding.

Upon creating a premium account WIX offers hosting for around $12 per month depending on what features you require. This monthly cost is very affordable as the WIX platform does not need regular maintenance or to update various plugins that may be installed. If you have had a custom build or even a WordPress website in the past you will understand how frustrating this can be at times with your website often crashing or having issues without monthly maintenance. 

WIX websites are secure, preventing any hacker attacks or your website being susceptible to viruses. The code of the Content Management Platform is contained within the system and constantly optimised and updated. 

WIX also allows for built in features like live chat, bookings, online stores, or an array of thousands of 3rd party applications that can be installed. The possibilities are endless and thats why we recommend and use WIX for all of our website builds. 

Some of our work

This was a website build for AAA removals located in OConnor. The website was integrated with click to call functionality and also custom booking forms with all details of the property that could be entered for an accurate quote and also allowing the removalists on site to have a better understanding of the property before their arrival.


This website was built for Mike at Hudson Scraper Broom, the client was after a new website to showcase his innovative broom design. Through his consultation we agreed on a one page sales funnel model allowing for customers to easily understand what the brand and the broom are all about while offering easy to find distributor locations.


This website was built for Optimum Minerals Australia, the client only needed basic functionality on their website and a way to showcase what products they have to offer the mining industry. We worked closely with the client on this website as we wanted to portray the brand and identity as best we could.


This is one of the larger websites we have built to date, Melaney the founder or MRIAC needed a website for her alternative therapies training school to showcase many courses and services. This website is integrated with a full student portal learning area, an online store, MP3 downloads and also offline courses that people can purchase and work through in their own time.

Some of our work


Please fill out the contact form below with any questions, we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Or call on 0430506704

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